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Aug 27, 2019

Dancehall King Shatta Wale Mocks Young Rich Nagger Shatta Bundle | Video

Shatta Bundle
Shatta Wale a self acclaimed Ghanaian King of Dancehall Music who when it come to trend setting he is the best and as not long ago he won himself a featuring deal with American hit songstress Beyonce on "The Lion King Album".

Since then he has been out of the sense for a while so people thought that was all when today a video surfaced online in which he was seen mocking a fast rising Instagram sensational Shatta bundle who claims to be richer than Nigeria's billionaire business man Aliko Dangote.

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Shatta in the video was seen telling the Young Rich Nagger to be mindful of the kind of words he chose to describe Mr. Dangote and also made fan of his english language by telling him to always try and constructe her sentence correctly.
Aliko Dangote
Young Rich Nagger(Shatta Bundles)

Wale feather punched more hole in this situation as he reflect on all the fleshy money Shatta Bundle claims to have, that its all in his chain which cost 7000 dollars, ring 5000 dollars and soon on.

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Shatta even made it clear that Nigerian's likes the Young Rich Nagger since they feel like he needs to fill up his missing tooth with that money he claims to have in excess than Mr. Dangote.

One may ask even who shatta bundle is, well he is a fast rising instagram Ghanaian self made Young Rich Nagger who claim to be richer than Nigeria's Billionaire business guru Mr. Aliko Dangote who owns plenty business across the globe.

He is now popular for countless video he posts on Instagram in which he usually tag Dangote not to be in his (shatta bundle) level and feather went on to say that he will us Dangote as his gateman and this made most Nigerians angry of which some even rain curses on him since they think his gesture is a disgrace on the face of their country.

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Young rich nagger
Shatta Bundle and Business Man Mr. Aliko Dangote

And after this most followers and fans thought he would desist from such act but that wasn't it as just recently he was seen in a video saying that he was in a business with worlds richest business Guru Bill Gate who's the programmer of Windows media and Mr. Bill Gate also wants to cheat him in the business they two are currently doing together.

Stay tune for more update on and about Young Rich Nagger, Shatta Bundle.

Credit: @Chris_Bug

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