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Apr 17, 2020

Chinese Girl Attacked By An Octopus While Trying To Eat It Alive _ Viral Video

Octopus bits little girl face
The world is in a grieving situation right now as many from all works of life are trying anything within their power and comfort zone to help fine solutions in solving the deadly Coronavirus which is killing more humans on this planet earth.

But it seem some have also taking this situation as an opportunity to misbehave since they have nothing to do while staying in the house and because of that a lady from China where Coronavirus started tries to eat a live Octopus while she was playing with it.

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Seaside Girl Little Seven as she is well known on a popular Chinese social media platform "Kauaishou, she used to share most of her adventures at the sea, forest and other places on this platform where she has a massive fans who follows her page. 

From her latest video she shared to this platform shows when she was happily playing with a cute baby Octopus at the beach suddenly, she was seen in the video trying to take a bite of this live animal to show the fan she gets during this adventures. 

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But the animal (Octopus) Was smart and faster than her us it viciously attached itself to her face and rip a small piece of the Girl's cheek off while she was fighting hard to get it from her cute baby face.

Check video below...
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